The heart of Art Nouveau creates 21st century.
Our hope is to deliver the fresh surprise and the strong moisture to the heart of people.

The hope of Art Nouveau is to present individuality and vitality with proposing creative design, unique products and something new continuously.
In order to do that, Art Nouveau is always challenging to the change of coming future with the abundant imagination and the characteristic technology, and with chasing the sensitivity and the aesthetic consciousness of time.



Art Nouveau delivers the highly variable and sophisticated produces
with making its efforts every day and with putting value
with making its efforts every day and with putting value
The hear of wishing for the unlimited beauty to hand down the dream
and culture.
Art Nouveau contribute to the society in a various way,
with producing the new things and beauty,
with elevating the sense of beauty,
and with creating the commercial environment by always looking at the future

company overview

Company Name:

Atelier Art Nouveau

HQ Address:

420 Imajuku, Wani, Ohtsu-city, Shiga, Japan


+81 77 594 1232


+81 77 594 2133




Tadashi Takeda